Optimising People in Applying Robotics

Strive for a 'successful' implementation!! Do not accept an 'acceptable' implementation.

"Robot technology can provide better quality of life."

"No", is what other people say, "They will take over our jobs."

Which one is it? So many different opinions exist about robot technology. Opinar believes that social and healthcare robots, if used the right way, can contribute to better quality of life. For both caregivers as caretakers!

  • How to decide which technology fits best?
  • But how to introduce it?
  • How to build bridges between human and new healthcare technology?
  • How to use it in a way that adds to quality of life?
  • How to implement this successfully

That is an issue a lot of healthcare organizations struggle with.

You want to innovate and need the knowledge how to do this in a successful way. That's where Opinar can support you in:

  • analysing the need in a profound way
  • finding the right solution within the network of suppliers
  • setting up a clear, action aimed, structured project
  • transforming work processes in a practical way
  • prepare end users feeling comfortable in working with it
  • coordinating and executing a well prepared go-live plan


  • a history of guiding implementation processes of several software systems
  • the ability to speak two languages (both user as IT)
  • a structured, target aimed, practical (roll up your sleeves and get going) and empathetic character
  • Opinar supports you from beginning till end in a highly committed way.

"Strive for a succesful implementation and do not accept an acceptable implementation!"