Optimising People in Applying Robotics

Optimizing People in Applying Robotics

During my career I was involved in several implementation and trainings programs of software systems. Such as:

  • Electronic Patient Record System
  • Customer Relationship Management
  • Medical Prescription Device
  • Content Management System

And I witnessed elements that are critical for succes (or failure). 

A couple of years ago, when I decided to get active in implementing social and healthcare robots, I began doing lots of research and taking interviews.

To get a clear vision about the elements that contribute to a successful implementation. It became clear to me that when you are on the verge of implementing new technologies, you will face similar issues compared to implementing software systems.

And as using new technologies is a new development for most organisations in current society, I would like to support organisations being more successful as of day one and add to better quality of life. That's what Opinar is about.

Optimal use of a robot by a user that is qualified and feels comfortable in working with it.